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We are an economics research group that raises questions about policies pertaining to a wide range of sectors. Our policy ideas have been published in several national and international news media. Our aim is to continue questioning policy efficacy and create better policy design.



Our founder, Mitali Nikore, attended an event on the Gender Gap and Unpaid Work, organised by the Department of Economics at Sophia College, Mumbai. She delivered a talk on the labor force participation rate of women across time periods and explained how the LFPR of women has fallen due to women's higher rate of enrollment in secondary education.


Mitali Nikore, our founder, recently participated as a panelist at the Achievers Dialogue hosted by NISAU UK at the British Council. The event, titled "Carving my own niche," emphasized the UK as an educational hub. The discussion delved into the panelists' student experiences, addressing audience queries. It also highlighted key factors to consider when choosing a UK university.


Our founder, Mitali Nikore, was one of the panelists at the workshop hosted by the Department of Urban Planning, School of Planning and Architecture. The workshop titled "Gender Planning in Indian cities" threw light on a diverse set of topics, including gendered mobility patterns, gender inequality in the transport journey, and much more.


Mitali Nikore, our founder, participated in the launch of the Centre For Youth Policy by Young India Foundation on August 12, 2023. The panel discussion for International Youth Day focused on "The Invisible Majority: India's Youth Data Gap." It addressed challenges in political representation for Indian youth, emphasizing data from sources like NSSO, covering various aspects like gender and socio-economic issues.


Our founder, Mitali Nikore, was invited for a guest lecture at YLAC to share her work on inclusive mobility highlighting policy measures to make transport more women-friendly in India. She shared insights on the role of multilateral financial institutions like World Bank and its operations in India in facilitating development goals across diverse sectors.


Mitali Nikore, our founder, presented at a Knowledge Sharing Workshop on 'Gender Mainstreaming in Urban Transport Systems,' jointly organized by the World Bank and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. She introduced the World Bank Toolkit for Gender-Responsive Urban Mobility and Public Spaces, emphasizing its four pillars: assessment, policy enhancement, capacity building, and infrastructure/service improvement.

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On July 11, 2023, the World Bank and FISME (Federation of Indian Small and Medium Enterprises) co-hosted a workshop on trade facilitation and women. Our founder, Mitali Nikore, highlighted women's travel challenges and how the absence of inclusive urban mobility infrastructure has impacted their careers.

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Our founder, Mitali Nikore, presented her paper “Building India's Economy on the Backs of Women's Unpaid Work: A Gendered Analysis of Time-Use Data” at the 31st IAFFE Annual Conference. Mitali shared her analysis of the critical challenges of women's unpaid work in the economy and provided significant recommendations in the public, private, and community-based sectors for mitigating the same.


At the MP MSME Summit 2023, our founder Mitali Nikore was invited as a guest speaker for the fifth session on Women’s Empowerment through Entrepreneurship. She talked about how designing structures for safe mobility could be a step in the direction of gender mainstreaming and shared her experiences from the Northeast.


Our founder, Mitali Nikore, was a panelist at the World Bank group’s 3rd edition of ‘Women in IT’ event in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Along with other panelists, Mitali shared her recommendations on improving women’s access to the IT sector.

Our founder, Mitali Nikore, recently spoke at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade's 'Trade Winds 2023' - Annual Business Conclave, under the theme “One World, One Economy, One Future” as a distinguished panelist. She led a thought-provoking discussion on "Multi-Sectoral Strategies for Global Economic Integration", shedding light on themes like supply chains, green efficiency, the future of jobs, and more.


Our founder, Mitali Nikore , spoke at the Department of Business Economics, Delhi University, on the Role of Entrepreneurship in the Economic Development of India, where she talked extensively about gendered perspectives on the digital economy.

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The Business Podcast featured Mitali Nikore, founder of Nikore Associates, on the episode 'The Working Life' . The highlight of the episode was that just 25% of the temp recruits are women and are paid barely 60% of what their male counterparts are paid.

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Our founder, Mitali Nikore , was one of the panelists at the U20 Manthan talk series for the session titled "Unpacking U20 priorities with a Gender Lens". 

The session discussed why it is necessary to build gender-inclusive mobility structures in urban areas.

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