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We are an economics research group that raises questions about policies pertaining to a wide range of sectors. Our policy ideas have been published in several national and international news media. Our aim is to continue questioning policy efficacy and create better policy design.



Nikore Associates produced a white paper in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industries - India Women Network. This white paper explores the intersection between ESG and DEI policies, and was launched by Dr. Shashi Panja, Minister, Women and Child Development, Government of West Bengal.

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As a part of IT for Change’s National Gender Fellowship Program, 2022, under the project, ‘The Feminist Observatory of the Internet’, supported by the World Wide Web Foundation, Mitali Nikore authored a long form essay on "Women Entrepreneurs and the Digital Economy: Analyzing Exclusion from Digital Marketplaces during Covid-19".


Milan, in partnership with Girl Up India, Mash Project Foundation and Daily Hunt India organised their 3rd Girl Icon Leadership Summit on 18 October to celebrate International Day of The Girl Child. We are proud that Mitali Nikore was invited as a panelist on the seminar's discussion on 'Promoting Local Entrepreneurship for Rural Women’

Mitali Nikore
Keynote Speaker

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Mitali Nikore (Founder), presented a paper titled, "An Analytical View of Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Pre- and Post-COVID-19 India"co-authored by Geetika Malhotra (Research Manager), Unmuktman Singh (Research Associate), and Ashmita Chowdhury (Research Associate) of Nikore Associates.