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Infrastructure Development

May 2021

Will India’s second wave shatter hopes of a V-shaped economic recovery?

Mitali Nikore

November 2020

India's 5G playbook: Look before you leap?

Mitali Nikore and Sanjeev Nikore

December 2019

Infrastructure and Investment Planning for Inclusive Growth in Uttar Pradesh

Mitali Nikore, Sabyasachi Mitra and Kanupriya Gupta

June 2022

Can Investing in Digital Infrastructure Connect the Unconnected?

Mitali Nikore and Areen Deshmukh

March 2021

Arresting India's water crisis : The economic case for wastewater use

Mitali Nikore and Mahak Mittal

September 2020

The Digital Highways to India’s post-Covid-19 Economic Recovery!

Mitali Nikore

June 2019

Shaping Mobility: Smart Traffic Light Systems for New Delhi

Mitali Nikore

January 2022

Strengthening India's MSMEs during Pandemic Recovery

Sabyasachi Mitra
Kanupriya Gupta
and Mitali Nikore

December 2020

5 Smart Innovations to Bridge Infrastructure Supply Gaps

Mitali Nikore

April 2020

Five Strategies to combat India’s impending nurse shortage due to COVID-19

Mitali Nikore, Manvika Gupta, Vidhi Narang and Upamanyu Sinha

February 2019

Infrastructure Financing Gaps in India - Need for focused resource mobilization

Mitali Nikore

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