Positions Available

May 28

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Research Intern/ Assistant

Assisting the team with secondary research and data analysis on live projects focusing on various development sector themes such as infrastructure, gender, education, skill development, and MSME development. RAs will also be expected to assist with team management. 

There will be considerable flexibility and the work can entirely be done online.

Editorial Intern

As an editorial intern, you will be working on the firm's outreach document, social media and admin related tasks. You will also have the opportunity policy brief and in depth blog post as well as independently well formatted written work. You will work closely with a team of bright students and early career professionals who are enthusiastic about policy in India and beyond.

Graphic Design Intern

As a graphic design intern, you will work towards strengthening the firm’s social media presence and shape its visual aspects. You will have the opportunity to create eye-catching visuals and demonstrate illustrative skills. You will be required to have a creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of design softwares and a professional approach to time and deadlines. You will work closely with a team of early
career professionals who appreciate quality and design.

Social Media Intern

We engage with international organisations like Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UN Women and our work involves providing research backed advice and expertise which aids the knowledge and processes of these organizations on key policy and developmental issues. Key deliverables of the project: Social media strategy with the objective of building traction, well written content and captions.


Working with Nikore Associates gives individuals unique insights into development sector themes like infrastructure, gender and skill development. Over the course of their engagement with us, individuals become proficient in secondary research and utilizing the Microsoft Office suite to undertake policy analysis - skills that are crucial in every professional field. Please keep the following points in mind while you apply to work with us:

  1. Those who are presently enrolled in High-school, Bachelors and Masters degrees can apply for an internship, not the RA position.

  2. Advanced quantitative work will not be required while working with us, basic excel skills are sufficient.

  3. There will be considerable flexibility and the work can be done online entirely. However, the candidate will often be required to work on tight deadlines.

Renumeration will be commensurate with skills, experience, and time commitment assured by the candidate. 

For more details, write to applications.nikore@gmail.com